White washbasin on wooden countertop
White chandelier with grey washbasinWooden cushion with stone bathubBlack bathub on wooden floorGrey stone bathub with rattan cushionWooden bathtub with mountain viewWhite bathub with black towel and a magazine

Stunning Bathroom Design From Neutra

Appliances / 2018, February 18 / 7 images

Not only living room or bedroom that has good design in your home, but a lot of bathroom design has stunning design which inspiring us to make a stunning bathroom in your home. One of that stunning bathroom design is from Neutra, their design created by good designer which inspiring us and ... [Read More]

Grey cupboard and pigeon statue in white room
White bathub and grey cupboard on grey bathroomClassic mirror and white washstand in grey roomWooden dining table with candle on itamazing chandelier and chrome kitchen appliancesWhite horse toy with red bedWhite shell on brown table in bathroomModern kitchen appliances on white wooden counter

Elegant Classic Style Furniture By Minacciolo

Bathroom / 2018, February 16 / 16 images

We know a lot of people likes vintage style for their home. It is so elegant and this is an everlasting style. Also this style brings comfortable atmosphere at home. And Minacciolo, an Italian furniture manufacture, show us of their collection which inspired by the old England style.  They call the... [Read More]

Gold chandeliers in white bathroom
Glass chandeliers in bedroomGreen chandeliersWhite chandeliersStunning chandeliersCrystal chandeliers with black cupWhite chandeliers in dining roomBlack chandeliers

Easy Ways To Make Vintage Room Style With Chandeliers

Appliances / 2018, February 09 / 20 images

So many ways to make your room become more classic or vintage, one of this way is puts chandeliers into your room. Chandeliers are a stunning thing which you can put in your room, beside its shape that so unique and amazing, they can emit a beautiful light which give glamorous touch.

Chande... [Read More]

Wooden bathtubs on white bathroom
Amazing wooden bathtub with goat statueGlossy wooden bathtubs with white stone around it on grey floorWooden bathtubs with white towelShiny exotic black bathtubWooden bathtub with  big mirrorAwesome wooden box bathtubsDark free standing bathtub with elegant chandelier and white flower

Relax On Awesome Alegna Wooden Bathtub

Appliances / 2018, February 05 / 25 images

The bathtub is the important thing in the bathroom, but for some person using the shower to shorten the time when takes a bath. The bathtub is the thing which can be used for relaxes or releasing stress and now a lot of bathtub design in the world. Not only see from utilities of the bathtub, now som... [Read More]

Glamorous wood wash basins
A wooden sink with stainless steel faucetMinimalist wooden sinkWooden wash basin with fancy faucetMinimalist wood wash basinsluxury-wood-wash-basins-5Glamorous wood wash basins with stainless steel pipeGemini wooden sink

Glamorous Wash Basin By Ammonitum

Appliances / 2018, February 04 / 8 images

Dirty is almost same with disease, even in your hand is becoming a serious matter if you ignore it. So provide wash basin in your home is one of the solutions to that issue. But now, a lot of wash basin design which can use as home decorative. And now a firm of German has a design of glamorous wash ... [Read More]

Coloful unusual vanity bathroom
Limegreen bathroomCool bright kids bathroomLight blue bahtroomBright green blue bathroomGreen tones bathroomBright green bathroom designBright blue bahtroom

Interesting Ideas of Colorful Bathroom Design

Bathroom / 2018, January 29 / 42 images

It is a commonly that bathroom is only black and white or monochrome, some people only choose two or three colors which apply on their bathroom, this is so elegant but now you can add some color in that room, it will become cheerful and bright. It is so easy to make it, you can add colorful bathroom... [Read More]

Flourescent green bathroom
Awesome bathroomAwesome bathroom faucetsBathroom pantone chairLuxury bathroomWhite bathroom yellow accentsBathroom wall designsFantastic bathroom

Awesome Modern Bathroom Design By Cerasa

Bathroom / 2018, January 23 / 50 images

We will talk about the modern bathroom collection of Cerasa, an Italian bathroom company. Starting since 1983, Cerasa start on the market and for reference that they follow when they made bathroom furniture is they always concern with the sector of des... [Read More]

Amazing bathroom design with a wall in greenery
Small bathroom designMoroccan bathroom design with traditional islamicAmazing rustic bathroom designBrazilian granite and wood bathroom designJungle like bathroom designAmazing bathroom design with zinc bathtubMediterranean bathroom design

Amazing Ideas On Bathroom Design

Bathroom / 2018, January 11 / 25 images

The bathroom is the one of the most important room in a home, it is the place to clean your body even to relax after working all day long. So make the bathroom as nice as you wanna be is a must.

A lot of things in your bathroom which you can upgrade it to make amazing bathroom, such as the ... [Read More]