Marvelous Bed From HiCan

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Comfortable rug in  white room, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

It is nice if you have a marvelous bed in your bedroom. It will help you to get good sleep and being decoration of your room. But now, HiCan, an Italian manufacture company designs an amazing bed that offering comfortable bed and beautiful shape. As said by its designers :

The bed has blinds that can enclose you for a restful, free sleep, provided with the finest bedding system. It also comes with a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC and full multimedia complement with game and entertainment consoles connected to a projector to enjoy high definition movies and images on the home theater screen sliding down at the front of the bed.

HiCan is also equipped with a complete home automation system that has been specifically customized to manage the whole system, from lighten got blinds and screen automation, bedding system movements and the entertainment hardware. The home automation system is built with a flexible architecture that can be easily tailored to custom needs and expanded to control additional equipment and appliances from the comfort of your bed.

Sexy girl on LCD tv in bed, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

Sexy Girl On LCD Tv In Bed

Dressing table and big mirror on white room, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

Dressing Table And Big Mirror On White Room

Black and white jar in white room with sea view, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

Black And White Jar In White Room With Sea View

Amazing bed on wooden floor, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

Amazing Bed On Wooden Floor

White vintage sofa and golden jar, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

White Vintage Sofa And Golden Jar

LCD tv mounted on bed with city view, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

LCD Tv Mounted On Bed With City View

Browsing internet via LCD tv on bed, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

Browsing Internet Via LCD Tv On Bed

Bed with built in big screen tv, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

Bed With Built In Big Screen Tv

White table lamp and rug in white room with city view, Marvelous Bed From HiCan

White Table Lamp And Rug In White Room With City View

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