White armchair in outdoor sea view area
Purple armchair in white roomOrange Missix ArmchairWhite armchair in outdoor gazebo areaWhite armchair in indoor areaPurple Missix ArmchairBlue Missix Armchair

Relax On Di Marzio Amazing Armchair

Furniture / 2018, February 08 / 7 images

It would be enjoy if we sit on a nice chair while we relax. Now Maurizio Di Marzio designing an amazing armchair which has appearance likes number six. Di Marzio was born in 1958 and studied at the European Design Institute in Milan, Italy. With his various experienced in furniture design, giving hi... [Read More]

Minimalist glass table
Elegant transparent tableTransparent table with sleek chairGraph table in bright roomElegant office with black rugGraph table in dark roomElegant table  and apple computerTransparent glass Graph Table by Xavier Lust

Beautify Your Office With Elegant Graph Table

Furniture / 2018, February 07 / 9 images

Not only a room, there a lot of ways to make your office to be better than before. You can redecorate it with new wallpaper or you can put fancy furniture on it. The Graph Table is a kind of furniture which you can put on your office, this is a clear glass tabletop that lying on bent glass stand. Th... [Read More]

Stainlees steel cabinet
Hideaway kitchen with grey rug and white hanging lampDining area with stainless steel cabinet and wooden tableStorage area in cabinetGlossy cabinet with sliding doorDining area with recessed cabinetWhite wall and wooden floorSliding door to recess the cabinet

Spatia, An Amazing Hideaway Kitchen Design By Arclinea

Appliances / 2018, February 06 / 10 images

Spaghetti, a delicious food from Italy, this is reminding me with Arclinea. That is Italian company which creates Spatia hideaway kitchen. This design combines between active kitchen and neat look also minimalist design. Latest appliances are applying in serving and storage space and this design loo... [Read More]

Minimalist wooden bathtubs with stainless steel faucet
Wenge wood on white floorGlossy mahogany bathtubGlossy wooden bathtubs with white stone around it on grey floorOutdoor view bathtubAwesome wooden box bathtubsShiny exotic black bathtubShiny wooden bathtub with white flowers

Relax On Awesome Alegna Wooden Bathtub

Appliances / 2018, February 05 / 25 images

The bathtub is the important thing in the bathroom, but for some person using the shower to shorten the time when takes a bath. The bathtub is the thing which can be used for relaxes or releasing stress and now a lot of bathtub design in the world. Not only see from utilities of the bathtub, now som... [Read More]

Minimalist wood wash basins
luxury-wood-wash-basins-5Wooden wash basin with fancy faucetMinimalist wooden sinkA wooden sink with stainless steel faucetGlamorous wood wash basins with stainless steel pipeGemini wooden sinkGlamorous wood wash basins

Glamorous Wash Basin By Ammonitum

Appliances / 2018, February 04 / 8 images

Dirty is almost same with disease, even in your hand is becoming a serious matter if you ignore it. So provide wash basin in your home is one of the solutions to that issue. But now, a lot of wash basin design which can use as home decorative. And now a firm of German has a design of glamorous wash ... [Read More]

White modular wall shelving with contemporary style
Wall mounted modular shelvingThree tier modern white bookcaseWhite bookshelf Parsons Tower modern shelvingModern wall shelfModern shelving with closed cabinetModern bookshelf with open shelvesModern bookcase with inset boxes

The Marvelous Bookshelves Design

Furniture / 2018, February 03 / 25 images

So many ways to organize your book and one of these ways is provide a bookshelf. A lot of bookshelf has a design with a variety of colors. You can choose from modern design which simple and clean until the unique one, and you can put this shelf as a decorative ornament on your home.

From many ... [Read More]

Traditional but colorful dining with pink flowers on wooden table
Bright and colorful dining roomSmall yet cool and colorful dining areaSmall and cozy dining area with wine rack hang on the yellow wallSmall and colorful dining areaColorful blue green dining area with dog pictureColorful modern dining room with round pink dog posterColorful blue dining area with glass chair

Marvelous Colorful Dining Room Design

Dining room / 2018, February 02 / 39 images

To make room become cheerful and bright actually so easy, make it on a colorful theme so the warm atmosphere will become. It is not difficult to make it, just add a colorful chair or table, even only colorful rugs, carpet or curtain will be given a bright touch in that room.

You can use that m... [Read More]

Wooden Chair
Bravo chair seat detailBravo chairSoft red pillowTesha and Bravo chair

A Stunning Chair From Matte Nyberg

Furniture / 2018, February 01 / 5 images

Remembering when we in college and get tired after study all day long, we just sleep or relax in any chair where we sit and after that our body is so sick because the position of our body when take a rest is not good. For that ergonomic reason, Matte Nyberg creates a stunning chair which allows us t... [Read More]